Building Momentum to Transform Cities

In March, Ian met with regional pastors and some leaders in Fort St John, BC, Canada to discuss how they can create positive futures in their city and region. The leaders in this region of Canada are incredibly open, and one church leader shared that he had been taking his Board, Leadership and Business Leaders in his church through the “Transformation” book by Ed Silvolso.

These leaders are open for more ideas and networking in their city as they seek to transform their world.
Later that same trip, Ian met with a local councillor, and a Business Development Manager for a church in the city who was passionate about the needs in downtown Fort St John. They had moved from the suburbs to the central city and is keen to be of service to the city.
We got some inspiring feedback from those who attended some of Ian’s teaching sessions:

The learning sessions with Ian Green were refreshing, inspiring, though provoking and innovative. I look forward to applying what I have learned so far and learning more from the materials that I purchased from him as well. — Tanya Zener

Wow, is one word. I think sometimes I overlook how excellent we can be with what we have. The thought that excellence leads to influence has been inspiration. Ian left us inspired, infused, and intrigued about what the future could look like. Exciting things for the city. — Gabe Voorhies

I was encouraged by the fact that even though I am not a professional, in formal ministry or that influential in Fort St John, I can still affect the people I come in contact with my natural ability to relate and chat. Whether it’s at the supermarket, at work, participating in events, being involved at my kids school or even as a customer of local businesses that I can affect change in the peace country. It’s like I was told I have permission to just love people, plant seeds of goodness and watch them grow. I was very much intrigued and encouraged by his teaching and I have lots to put into practice. — Jennifer Amon

It is clear that there are people in cities around the globe that are passionate about seeing the needs of the vulnerable met, it is encouraging that we are able to meet with, and inspire these people to continue seeking ways to bring change to their cities and communities.