Heart of the City

Kosciol Classic Miasta Krakow

Zibi and Magda Marzec are friends of the Proton Foundation. They are planting a great church in the centre of Kraków, Poland where they are challenging the traditional view of church. The name, ‘Kosciol Classic Miasta Krakow’ (church for the city Kraków) says everything about who they are, about their vision and driving mission to serve their city.

#SerceMiasta (heart of the city) is something that they speak about all of the time. Located in the heart of the city, they seek to be the heart of the city bringing influence and transformation to all areas of society.

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An example of how they are reaching out to their community was a recent family festival. They transformed their church carpark and entire building into an amazing fun family festival. Outside were three massive inflatable attractions. Then inside an entire children’s full costume production of ‘The princess and the pea’. People were excited and queuing for the 1pm start. Hard to really say exactly how many people, but at the peak, a very rough count showed more than 400-500 people onsite with many more coming throughout the day until the 6pm finish.

The church endeavours to link with businesses in the local community and creatively brings the love of Jesus to both young and old. They understand that bringing the Kingdom of God to earth is more than a church service on a Sunday, but getting involved and bringing influence in all areas on society.