Pastoring The City

Some friends of mine recently wrote to me about their programme to serve the elderly of their city, Krakow:

In March 2016 City of Krakow announced a beginning of programs for Senior Citizens of Krakow. AS KDM we were praying for seniors for many years. This sounded like great opportunity to serve this community. As KDM (Church for the city) we wrote our program and apply for a city grant. We had not much experience and no seniors to start with. We won a city grant to run “centre for seniors” in our district. Within few weeks , we gathered voluntary workers from our church and community. Together with the city we have started recruit first participants. Before we had our first meeting we had about 50 people. To run program we needed 60 by the end of the project. Now we have over 150 senior citizen active and still we have new people coming . Program is one of the best in the city. Church has got incredible positive feedback. Vice president of Krakow is so impressed that is pointing at as as example for others.

This centre helped us to get more favour in the city. Local councilor became one of our friends who is connecting us with other key leaders in the city. Because of this program every few weeks we have meetings with local authorities regarding futer of our district and our city. We can talk and plan what we can change in future in many aspects of city life. We call our building “Heart of the city”. We pray that right here we will give vision and pulse for city life. Our seniors participate in many events we run as a church. They call this place Home. We have realised the seniors are very open to talk about faith and other aspects of life is we show them our love and care. We are not preaching at them. we are showing them what Kingdom of God is. Some of the seniors kept us on distance first. Now they see that we have so double meaning.
Now this give is more rights to start new program for young families with kids. Program for Seniors open the door in the city. Just few weeks ago, President of Krakow agreed that we can run centre for families in our district from September 2016.  This will be the very first centre run but other organisation not run by city. Our program includes: sport and culture activities, education, fun. we run english classes, music, art, photography classes, trips to tourist attractions, new media classes, and many more.

We are excited about all that this community is doing and how they are pastoring their city.