Firefighter: The Undercover Pastor


While I was in Northern Ontario earlier this month I had the privilege of meeting Brent

Hyttenrauch, the lead pastor in Markstay, Ontario. I was so encouraged to hear his journey in

relation to his heart to serve the community and his understanding that his role as pastor is

much broader than pastoring just church people. He has a desire to Pastor the community.

As a result of this desire he become a volunteer fire fighter in his town. This gave him the

chance to serve his community in another capacity, without over stretching himself. In fact, it

made him more passionate and energized. He got to connect with friends/people outside the

church every week; over wings at the tavern, on a fire call, at training… This year he worked a

fire call at 5am and officiated a wedding later that afternoon. Being a fire fighter is an extension

of his role as pastor and is another way he serves his community.


Added to this with the help of a team of students and adults being sent by another church they

have been able to run a week long camp for children the past two summers. Not only that, but a

service project, and a community BBQ. This past year the team painted the firehall, and the

chief of the fire service was so blown away. He insisted that the names of the churches be

written on the wall, large and in a prominent place, and sign it.


This church know that they exist to serve Jesus, and they know that they do a lot of that by

serving others, and investing in their community.