Staff Training Day, SunWest Christian Fellowship, Calgary, Alberta, October 2016



After last years success at our pastoral staff days, it was a no-brainer to have Ian Green return to build into our entire team this fall for our 2016 staff training.  It’s one thing to have a knowledgeable outside facilitator present material and engage in discussion. However, Ian is more like family.  With Ian having 35 years of experience speaking to Canadian church leaders, he’s very insightful incorporating his experience within the Canadian context and culture.  He shared stories with us from a global perspective, but the Canadian anecdotes, applications and insights, I would say, were most valuable.  Ian understands Canadians; he knows how to challenge us, stretch us and confront us when necessary. And yet, he still loves us!

The message and essence of a transformation culture does not come easily or swiftly to a church, or to a city.  Having Ian in to imprint our on church DNA on a regular basis is, by far, the single most catalytic influence to revolutionize our culture in a positive manner.  He brings an apostolic ethos to his interaction with our staff that proves to be invaluable.  The breakout sessions, the one-on-one times and meals with the staff bring a shift in mindset, direction and purpose as he engages in discussion, answering questions and helping sort practical applications and possibilities.

Ian helps us celebrate the milestones we are already accomplishing and inspires us to keep on the journey, dreaming and strategizing towards more effective models of transformation in our immediate surroundings.  As Ian leaves, we have a fresh spring in our step, renewed vision and passion as he has challenged us to live out of our values and continue to establish these Kingdom concepts into our people here at SunWest.  We hope to have Ian with us for many years to come, continually bringing transformation and Kingdom enculturation into our city.