Marketplace Leaders Meeting, SunWest Christian Fellowship, Calgary, Alberta, October  2016


We do not yet have a regularly scheduled meeting for our marketplace leaders here at SunWest Church in Calgary.  However, we will probably need to establish a strategic gathering following Ian Green’s most recent visit.  Last year we pulled together just over a dozen leaders and had Ian encourage them for two hours over coffee and donuts.  The time was tremendously heartening for our leaders as they heard about the difference they can make by building relationship in their work places, caring for their employees, identifying felt needs and influencing their marketplace culture with the positive aspects of the Kingdom of God; love, joy, peace, goodness, patience and kindness.

It was inspiring to hear stories and see video testimonials of other leaders from around the world and how they were influencing suppliers, employees, networks and clients with positivity, the life and joy of God.  I think it was even more uplifting to hear the many and diverse stories from around our own table of how God was showing up with opportunities to bring life, peace and joy into work environments across our city.  Ian was able to identify and celebrate the Kingdom coming in very practical and tangible ways represented right here in our corner of the city.

To have Ian Green come and facilitate discussion and share more Kingdom life again this past week with over 20 of our business leaders was even more stirring.  Building on last years visit, we heard more stories and concepts of transformation from Ian, fascinating new and current anecdotes from his travels, videos and testimonies to accompany his teaching, bringing life and hope for all of us to make a difference.  The room was buzzing with possibility and energy as business owners, managers, influencers and leaders discussed the content and possibilities long after the meeting had ended.

Ian has been truly catalytic at SunWest to lift the burden off of believers to do traditional, religious-looking, preachy evangelism.  Instead, we continue to empower our congregants to be salt and light, to bring Kingdom culture to the marketplace, to break the negativity and gossip circles that suck the life out of our workplaces and instead  enculturate the environment with non-judgmental, blessing, life-giving encouragement and hope!  Our people are inspired to love, care, speak life, meet needs and bring Jesus to the workplace.  We’re very excited about the change that is here!