“Say Yes to Jesus!”

“Say yes to Jesus!” Ian Green shared these simple and powerful words with our congregation at Lynnville Heart of Worship March 25-26, 2017. Ian encouraged us to live our lives in faith and to trust in God. He challenged us all to use the workplace as an opportunity to spread the worship of Jesus. His words have had a direct and immediate impact on how we share God’s love in our community through local mission efforts and long term as our congregation considers a mission trip to Romania. This is the second time Ian has visited and provided a leadership workshop as well as delivering the message during Sunday service. Listening to him share his passion for faith-based community transformation inspires us to love others like Jesus.  Pastor Tom Pool shared, “I really felt his message was a conformation of what God is encouraging us all to be; living Jesus daily no matter where we are. The mindset of knowing God is working through us. His spirit in us brings the light to a darkened world.”  Our congregation is pleased to support Ian and The Proton Foundation as they work to improve the quality of life for the Roma population living in Romania.