“Checking into Faith” by Ian Green

Ian Green is man who just doesn't speak about faith, he lives it. Over the years, Ian's radical obedience to God has seen the transformational power of God released on the earth. This book will inspire and empower you to start to live your own journey of faith. I thoroughly recommend you read this book. Russell Evans Founder and Senior Pastor of Planetshakers Ministries and Churches


Checking into Faith removes the vagueness of faith. It takes you on a journey real life stories, biblical narratives and fundamental mind-sets’ and actions to see faith ‘s objectives realised. You will discover: ‘Faith is the currency of heaven. This is not optional extra. ‘Without it no one can please God’ ‘Faith gives you the ability to live beyond the natural and to move into the supernatural. It the door way into a much larger life.’ Faith has a definition: ‘It is the inner conviction, God will do it.’ `its the title deed for what your are believing for.’ ‘Faith breaks open brand new worlds, that you can explore and enjoy.’ It lets you experience the the ‘God’ dimension.’ Life and revelation emanates from this book. You will experience the infusion of faith into your inner world. Checking into faith is for those who want to live in the supernatural dimension they were created for.

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