Meals 4 Mums

Community transformation is happening in the most unlikely places. Where communities of faith are asking the question ‘how can we serve our city?’ remarkable ideas are being birthed. One such idea is ‘Meals 4 Mums’. This is an idea from a young mum that is a part of RESTORE – a community reaching church in Smithers, Northern BC, Canada. She wanted to find a way to help new mums (whether it was a first time mum or a seasoned one) have healthy meals after the arrival of a baby. Women who have a faith community, or relatives in town, sometimes are able to get the help they need, but there are many people that do not have those resources, so this young woman wanted to create a program that would help people – no matter their socioeconomic status. Anyone is welcome to receive meals and usually welcomes a prepared meal in this chaotic time of life. She coordinated with Pregnancy Outreach in Smithers to have a constant list of people signed up for the program. She, along with several other volunteers prepare meals on a monthly basis and keep a freezer stocked so that families have access to a minimum of 1 meal per week.  There have been challenges finding recipes for people with multiple food allergies but so far they have made it work! A busy young mum herself, she thought this would be a really good way to show people that they aren’t alone, that there is a whole community of people helping from behind the scenes. So far close to 300 meals have been served to mums and families in the community.