Ian Green

Speaker, Coach, Consultant & Author


Ian has over four decades of experience in inspiring, networking and provoking individuals and organisations to think bigger. His ability to ask the difficult questions, stir vision, impart faith and create leadership development processes are the hallmarks of his coaching style.
He has proven his ability to connect resources with opportunities by developing sustainable organisations. In addition, he has travelled globally engaging communities of faith, NGO’s, organisations and businesses to become solution orientated in their areas of influence.


Ian has been a sort after international speaker for nearly four decades in churches, conferences and leadership forums. His energy is infectious and he has the ability to engage his audience by injecting faith, humour and challenge into his communication.


Ian has worked with businesses, churches and organisations from 100 to 2000 in size to bring clear vision, values and mission.
He has the insight to create a cultural engine that brings a shift in focus towards fulfilling the organisation’s objectives.


Ian has a unique ability to critically analyse, ask penetrating questions that in turn release the full potential of individuals.


Ian published his first book in 2017 after many years of writing. 
Checking into Faith is filled with real-life stories and experiences of living life by faith.

Born in Wales in 1956

Coming to faith as a teenager, his life and perspective on the future was radically transformed. He soon began to be involved in church leadership and later went on to youth pastor, following which he was asked to lead the National Youth Movement for the Assemblies of God in Great Britain for a number of years.

In 1990 Ian went on a missions trip to the Eastern bloc of Europe, it was only a year or so after the Berlin wall had fallen and the incredible events of 1989 where the Communist regime fell all across Europe. It seemed like a domino effect with the people of Europe standing up as one and making an incredible stand against the oppressive Communist regime. Against this backdrop of incredible revolution and independence, was the dawn of a new day for the Church of Europe. They were no longer underground, God had opened a door and they came into the light of a new day. Yet within this new opportunity, there were immense challenges. 

For many leaders of churches in Europe had not had access to the same resource that leaders of the western nations had. They were zealous leaders without the grounding of wisdom and knowledge from experienced leaders and ignorant to how to lead their churches in the new cultural climate they found themselves in. Additionally, there was an influx of evangelism from around the world, but not only Christian evangelism, but every cult, religion and ideology also swept the nations in the race for the souls of Europe.

Ian looked at the situation on the mission trip and asked God if he would send someone to do something about this. Ian knew that these leaders needed assistance, support and resourcing and that many of the churches in the west could invest time, resources and their young people to get the message of Christ into the nations of Europe. It was somewhat of an epiphany when God spoke back to Ian “Why don’t you do it?”. As a result, He and his wife, Judith began a ministry called Youth Ministries International in 1991 which started out by running Leadership Training Conferences bringing leaders from around the globe including leaders from Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Alongside this, the team at YMI recruited, trained and equipped a number of short-term mission teams each summer to help bring evangelism into the cities across the continent, always working in partnership with the national church.

At the time Ian and Judith had been married a short while and so, they left the comfort and security of Ian’s role within the Assemblies of God to pioneer this new ministry, later renamed Next Level International. This decision was the beginning of a faith-filled-lifestyle which we continue to thrive in today.

In 2002, Ian felt a call to diversify and to bring a new approach to ministry in 21st Century Europe. After identifying the areas where culture is both defined and developed (Education, Business, Government and the Media), Ian consulted with both Christian and Business leaders around the world to set strategy in place to bring Christian influence into these culture-creating mechanisms. This led to Ian setting up the Proton Foundation, a charity which continues today. The Charity started with a special focus on social action projects across Europe and has impacted numerous communities.Ian travelled the world regularly speaking at conferences and seminars, creating and developing networks in order to motivate others to live transformational lives. 

Since 2019 the Proton Foundation shifted its focus to run two specific projects in the UK. The first is the Flourish Project whose purpose is to equip young people to develop healthy self-esteem, mental and emotional wellbeing. This is done through school workshops and parent / teacher seminars. 

The second project is called Global Transformation and encompasses all the work that Ian focuses on including speaking, mentoring and networking businesses and churches. The focus of this project is to instill Kingdom values into the church and the marketplace, inspiring those he works with to transform their environments according to Kingdom values.  Ian stepped down as the CEO of the Proton Foundation in December 2018, to release him from the day to day responsibilities of running a charity so he could focus on running this project.