The Flourish Project

The ‘Flourish Project’ is a Proton Foundation programme and is created as a vehicle to build relationship with educational institutions, churches and youth organisations, with the intention that through positive connections, networks and influence, change will take place in the wider community.

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Kairos Leadership Academy

It was a great pleasure and honour to have Ian come and speak with the students on the Kairos Leadership Academy.

It’s fair to say they were glued to their seats as he unpacked his many God stories, his personal journey of faith and how he has trained and served so many people worldwide.

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Message of thanks.

We had a wonderful weekend with Ian Green. He brought a message that challenged our thinking and understanding of how we do church. His message also inspires us to believe that God can and wants to use us.
We are seeking God to transform our town and God used Ian to start the conversation of how God wants us to be part of transforming our Town.

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Ian’s trip to Peoria

We were thrilled to have Ian Green with us at Riverside Community Church on Sunday, April 15, 2018. The current sermon series is titled “The Cause”. Today is our Missions Day. We know Ian Green as a man of Faith and a man who imparts Grace. By the time the sermon is over, “Grace will …

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Restoring Dignity

Dignity is a word that we all understand and believe that as God’s children we all deserve to be treated with dignity, and in turn should treat people that we meet with the same. This is a value that we try to uphold with the people we minister to in Romania. 

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Developing Nations!

In our world, we tend to put countries into two categories: developed, and developing. But what does developing mean? And what direction are they developing in?

Take Uganda, a country in central Africa that I have had the opportunity to visit 3 times in the past year; it has experienced lots of challenges and is still a ‘developing’ country.
But it has experienced lots of successes as well.

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