Making A Big Difference In A Small Town

On my travels in Ontario, Canada, I have been challenged and inspired by business owners who are transformational in the way they run their companies. Please be inspired by the story of John Edelman. John Edelman may not be a household name in Canada, but if you’ve been car shopping in the past 30 years, […]

Hand in Hand

Many Pastors that I meet around the world are wrestling with this question – how can I lead a successful church on the one hand and also engage effectively in transforming my community? This article seeks to answer some of these questions. This is the journey of one Pastor. He writes – ‘It really is […]

12 Days of Christmas Kindness

As we enter into the Christmas period, churches are gearing up for their Christmas programmes. For many churches it will be their big push to get as many non-churched people to carol concerts and Nativity plays. This of course is a season where a higher number of non-believers will enter a church, whether it is […]

Marketplace Leaders Meeting, SunWest Christian Fellowship, Calgary, Alberta, October  2016

We do not yet have a regularly scheduled meeting for our marketplace leaders here at SunWest Church in Calgary.  However, we will probably need to establish a strategic gathering following Ian Green’s most recent visit.  Last year we pulled together just over a dozen leaders and had Ian encourage them for two hours over coffee […]

Staff Training Day, SunWest Christian Fellowship, Calgary, Alberta, October 2016

  After last years success at our pastoral staff days, it was a no-brainer to have Ian Green return to build into our entire team this fall for our 2016 staff training.  It’s one thing to have a knowledgeable outside facilitator present material and engage in discussion. However, Ian is more like family.  With Ian […]

Firefighter: The Undercover Pastor

  While I was in Northern Ontario earlier this month I had the privilege of meeting Brent Hyttenrauch, the lead pastor in Markstay, Ontario. I was so encouraged to hear his journey in relation to his heart to serve the community and his understanding that his role as pastor is much broader than pastoring just […]

City Church Visit

Ian Green came to minister at City Church in August this year, speaking at all three of our Sunday services at well as speaking to our Business Network. Ian made a huge impact on the people at City Church.  When he spoke on bringing heaven to earth and God’s blueprint for our lives, he ignited […]

Pastoring The City

Some friends of mine recently wrote to me about their programme to serve the elderly of their city, Krakow: In March 2016 City of Krakow announced a beginning of programs for Senior Citizens of Krakow. AS KDM we were praying for seniors for many years. This sounded like great opportunity to serve this community. As […]