Kiwis Activate Change

How the Kiwi's do it.

Some friends in New Zealand are leading the way in community-wide social change.  Last October they organised a month-long event called Church in Action or [CIA].  One of the successful projects was very simple.  Volunteers would take an empty grocery bag and fill it up with food and bring in to the Church/Community Centre.  Over the course of the […]

Pay it Forward

Smithers, British Columbia

I am personally inspired by many of my friends around the world.  In Smithers, British Columbia, a close friend of ours and his community ran a “Pay it Forward” day.  They set out to inspire their friends and neighbours to acts of kindness. The hope it that the community would live up to its generous reputation by […]

The Transformation Entrepreneur

The Transformation Entrepreneur’s Introductory Seminar will provide a 6-week opportunity through a “Zoom Meeting” format for entrepreneurs to connect with other business leaders from around the world who are seeking to develop Transformation Companies and cultures. Each seminar session will focus on a specific aspect of building a transformational company. Weekly guest presenters will share […]

The Starbucks one

A good friend of mine, Brian Beattie, from Freedom House in Brantford, Ontario Canada told me recently about their interaction with Starbucks.  You might remember late last year the Starbucks v American Church controversy when Starbuck’s released their new “Christmas Cup” for the 2015 season which was a simple red cup. A certain American evangelist, made […]


I’m often involved in conversations around the globe discussing whether we should be focused on building the church or on building the Kingdom. I have built the work that we at the Proton Foundation been involved in the last few years on the premise that we should be Kingdom-focused. So, earlier in the year I […]

Check out this amazing video of what is happening in the business district of China. Eklesia is the work place. Totally inspiring.

The learning sessions with Ian Green were refreshing, inspiring, though provoking and innovative. I look forward to applying what I have learned so far and learning more from the materials that I purchased from him as well. — Tanya Zener

Building Momentum to Transform Cities

In March, Ian met with regional pastors and some leaders in Fort St John, BC, Canada to discuss how they can create positive futures in their city and region. The leaders in this region of Canada are incredibly open, and one church leader shared that he had been taking his Board, Leadership and Business Leaders […]