An Introduction to the Old Testament Template: Rediscovering God’s Principles for Discipling Nations

Landa Cope had a crisis of faith. Her realization that a large Christian population didn’t benefit a community – and that Christians didn’t seem to care – provoked a deep sadness, burning questions, and a passion to uncover how the gospel can truly bless society. The answers to her questions bring new hope.

An Introduction to the Old Testament Template is a practical and through-provoking guide to applying God’s whole biblical revelation to every area of culture. Readers of all professions and backgrounds will rethink long-held beliefs and learn how to bring a righteous influence back into the culture in which they live.

A career missions that wakes up to the fact the the church will all of its strengths is not make an impact on society. After a 10 year careful study realises we are called to ‘Disciple Nations’ not just collect saints in a room. Very readable theology and a foundation for transformational  thinking.

~ Ian Green