Ian Green Brings the Faith!

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What would a gathering of missionaries without the faith factor be?

A gathering without Ian Green!

Paul Gibbs, founder and Global Director of the Pais Movement, circumvented this issue by inviting Ian Green to be a keynote speaker for the Pais Global Summit 2019. As Pais National Directors from 6 continents/13 countries gathered in Arlington, Texas, Ian Green was scheduled to deliver a keynote on faith.

Ian is especially qualified to deliver this message because of the way he and his family have lived their lives in faith. His entire career in ministry has been about unconditional faith. Ian is also a sought after speaker who travels around the globe delivering his message and teaching the tenants of living a life of faith. An author, Ian testifies in his book, Checking Into Faith, about the numerous times faith has impacted his life and the life of his family.“The sessions Ian delivered to the summit gathering were inspirational and uplifting,” observed one of the delegates. “It’s always remarkable to hear stories of God coming through in a big way in everyday lives. Ian Green inspires me and helps me get in touch with my personal faith,” he continued.

The Pais Global Summit delegates will return to their countries with renewed faith and a new mandate to “let go and let God” as they continue the work of furthering the Kingdom of God thanks to the message Ian so effectively delivered.

If you would like to have Ian Green as a guest speaker please visit his website: Iangreen.org

Ian is a highly experienced and sort after speaker, coach and networker. He has a unique ability to inspire both individuals and organisations to think bigger and go further than they ever imagined.

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